Starfighter Decals 1/700 Decals for
Air Group 84 USS Bunker Hill CV-17

Reviewed June 2016
 by Chris Martens
My first experience with Markís Starfighter Decals comes in the form of a full set for the USS Bunker Hill, early 1945, for scales ranging from 1/700 up to 1/350. These decals are intended for Air Group 84.  Click images
to enlarge
The set has two three unique decal types, with one being reproduced on six sheets, allowing a modeler to outfit a heck of an air wing. Two of the unique sheets are pictured here. 
The unique ď17Ē decal sheet is pictured above and may be used in place of whatever is included in the kit the modeler is using. 
The smallest sheet provides the small arrows pictured for F6F-5P Hellcats, SB2C-3 Helldivers, TBM-3 Avengers, and F4U-1 Corsairs that would be present on Bunker Hillís deck in 1945. The small symbols are printed beautifully with enough space in between to allow the builder to cleanly remove them individually without damaging neighboring bits. 
Finally, the set contains a sheet with American stars in the same scale range as the other sheets. This sheet, in particular, can be used to service not only Bunker Hillís aircraft, but any airwing from the same era. 
The decals come in what I understand is typical packaging, with a folded instruction sheet illustrating where the markings will be placed on each individual type of aircraft. The instructions are clear and very helpful in placement. 
This is my first experience with Starfighter decals and Iím very impressed. Mark has provided the modeler with several scale options for the Bunker Hill that could also help outfit additional aircraft on other carriers if the modeler wishes. For an MSRP of $10.00, this aftermarket set is a steal.

I want to thank both Starfighter Decals the review samples.