Starfighter Decals 1/700
US Navy Generic Air Group Markings
US Navy Generic Air Group Markings
Reviewed October 2015
 by Timothy Dike

Starfirghter Decals well known for their specialty the decal sets, also has this 1/700 scale generic set for U.S. Navy aircraft serving an Air Groups from late 1944 thru August 1945.  Markings include the stars and bars national insignia in various sizes and aircraft numbers for the various squadrons. Decals are sharp and well registered.
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The instructions illustrate the decal placement for the insignia and the numbers on the various aircraft types.

This is set #SFD700104 USN Generic Air Group Markings 1945 for $8.00 US. This set will do around 90 aircraft, that's only about nine cents for each aircraft, well within even the tightest of budgets. 

You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. Check the webpage for more details.