by Timothy Dike
The old box scale carriers that many of us started out with are still around. If you check the gallery, you will see that they still have a lot of potential. If you have one of the old kits and are considering building it, you might notice that you need some good decals. Mark Tutton of Starfighter Decals has produced this set to help remedy that situation. 

The sheet is nicely done with large and small Stars and Bars for the air wing, and large deck numbers for the flight deck. 

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This is a basic set for the bare minimum of markings so there is not much that I can write about it. But the price is right for someone who just needs to do a Sara with air wing and really doesn't want to spend all their time doing tail markings and other tedious details. I have seen the proofs to other sets that Mark is working on and if you like those extra "tedious details" you will enjoy some of the future sets coming from Mark.

You can get this decal set from:

Mark's Models and Toys 
c/o Mark Tutton
124 Highlander Rd
Stephens City, VA

You can also reach Mark via email.