by Timothy Dike
Many of us grew up buiding box scale ships. Even with todays finely molded kits in the more popular scales of 1/700 and 1/350, there is still demand for these old kits. One of the biggest obstacles to building them has been the lack of accessories you could add to them. That has been partly rectified with the Starfighter set that will allow you to add an accurate 1960's air wing to your old Revell 27 Charley. 

Marking are provided for CVSG-55 assigned to the Yorktown in 1968 including:

  • VS-23 S-2E Tracker
  • VS-25 S-2E Tracker
  • HS-4 SH-3A Seaking
  • VAW-111 E-1B Tracers
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The set includes two sheets, one with all kinds of aircraft and deck markings. The marking are very sharp and crisp and you can even read the tiny markings for the aircraft squadrons.
Markings include Flight Deck Numbers, Runway markings, Foul Lines, Island Billboard, Hull Numbers Ship’s Name, Elevator outlines, Warning stripes, Jet Blast Deflectors, and Ordnance Elevators,  There are even markings for the Ship’s Boats. The white marking don't show up well on the light colored decals so I exaggerated the contrast on the image on the right to give you an idea of what is on the second sheet.
The instructions are two sheets with notes on how and where to apply the decals.Flight deck diagrams on the second sheet show the deck markings.

The decals are printed on an Alps printer and you will need to trim the decals to size. They are sharply rendered and even the small markings are easily recognizable. This is set #540-2 CVS-10 Yorktown w/CVGS 55 1968 with a list price of $20. You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. You can now order online with their secure shopping site.