by Timothy Dike
Many of us have built the old Box Scale Monogram USS Chicago CG-11 in the past. These models can still be found today on E-bay and at swap meets. They were pretty good kits in their day, but lacked a lot in the fine detail department. Gold Medal Models did a nice 1/500 scale photo etch set that will help. But the kit needs a bit more TLC. That's where this set from Starfighter Decals will come in handy. You get  the standard items like Hull numbers in white with the proper black shadow for the 60's time frame. Numbers are provided for all three of the Albany class so you can build yours as an Albany or Columbus as well. Click images
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Also ships names, missile warning circles for the Talos, Terrier, and ASROC launchers. Helo deck markings, Missile elevator markings. Bars and stars for the Helo are included with US Navy markings. There are even ships names and numbers for the ships boats.

Boot top markings are provided to go along the waterline. These will save you the trouble of masking and painting 3 colors. You also get Mack Vent and window blank decals to simulate the windows and openings. These will save you a ton of time in painting and masking. Review Review
The instructions are a single sheet with notes on how and where to apply the decals. I would have preferred to have some diagrams included to show placement.

The decals are printed on an Alps printer and you will need to trim the decals to size. They are sharply rendered and even the small markings are easily recognizable. This is set #500-3 USN Albany Class Cruiser CG-10,11, & 12 (For Monogram USS Chicago Kit)  with a price of $5, a bargain price for this decal set. You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. Check their webpage for more details.