Reviewed August 2014
 by Timothy Dike
Probably best known for their roll in the 80's classic, The Final Countdown, the Jolly Rogers flew some of the more colorful F-14 Tomcats in the Navy. Mark Tutton has created this set to properly do VF-84 from 1980 in 350 scale for your USS Nimitz. this set has the extra recognition marking for Operation Eagle Claw, the mission to rescue the hostages during the Iranian Embassy Hostage crisis. 
The sheet comes with complete marking for eight aircraft, but all buzz numbers in the squadron are included. You get the usual stars and bars, intake warning, black anti glare panels, and equipment markings. The distinctive skull and cross bones for the tail, and nose stripes for VF-84 are included.  Click images
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 close ups
As with all of the Starfighter sets I have seen, the colors are sharp and perfectly registered. Just trim them with a sharp modeling knife and apply. 
Instructions are printed on the back side of the packaging card. They show paint and locations for the typical aircraft.

Another great decal set for your 350 scale airwing. You get more markings in this 350 scale set than some larger scale decals. This is set #350-100S for $8.00 available direct from Starfighter Decals. Check the webpage for more details on this and other sets.