Reviewed September 2014
by Timothy Dike
Mark Tutton of Starfighter Decals makes a lot of ship/air group specific sets for US Navy aircraft. He also produces this generic set for those of you that model US Navy aircraft in 350 scale. 
The first sheet includes a single sheet of aircraft numbers in large white and small black format. These run from 100 to 175 and 200 to 315. There are also Air Group Commander markings and F4U fuel tank tape markings.  Click images
to enlarge
The second sheet includes five of the stars and bars insignia in two styles. Blue roundel with outline, and solid white without the roundel. 
The instructions are a single sheet showing the location of the insignia and numbers on the different aircraft types as well as a generic painting guide. Notes about the USN aircraft marking help explain the system in use in 1945.

This set can be used on any 1/350 USN Aircraft from the 1945 time frame. I have reviewed a lot of aircraft carrier kits and while the included decals have improved over the years, they still fall short of the quality and attention to detail found in Mark's sets. Even this "generic set" is a cut above the rest. 

This is set #350-25S USN Generic Air Group Markings with a list price of $15. You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. Check the webpage for more details.