Starfighter Decals 1/350 Decals for
Air Group 6 USS Enterprise CV-6

Reviewed May 2015
 by Timothy Dike
Two sheets are provided. The first has markings for the Air Groups from June 42 (Midway) to the November 42 (Guadalcanal). Each aircraft number is included so you can specifically model Cdr McClusky and Lt. Gray's aircraft.
Midway Air Groups  Santa Cruz Air Groups Eastern Solomons Air Groups
  • VF-6
  • VB-6
  • VS-6
  • VT-6
  • VT-10
  • VF-10
  • VB-10
  • VS-10
  • VT-3
  • VS-3
Deck markings consisting of yellow dashes for the Big E are also included to correctly model her during this time frame. 
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US Navy roundels for the 42 era are packed on this sheet. These come in 60", 54", 45" and 40" sizes. They are sharp and perfectly registered.
These show not only decal placement, but also painting info. The second sheet shows deck markings for the Big E during this time frame. 
If your modeling the Big E during her mid to late 42 service, this set is a must have. Mark Tutten has done his research on this air group and produced another stunning decal set. Highly recommended.

This is item #350-52-S Air Group Six / Ten USS Enterprise June-Nov.'42 listed for $15.00 US. You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. Check the webpage for more details.