Starfighter Decals 1/350
Air Group 5 USS Yorktown CV-5
Battle of Midway, June 1942

Reviewed June 2017
by Sean Hert

Starfighter Decals has a 1/350 release of a set of markings for the Yorktown's Air Group 5 in 1942. This set has 2 decal sheets;
  • Starfighter's standard sheet (350-50-S) of 1942 stars in 60", 54", 45" and 40" diameters. 
  • Sheet 350-51-S with markings unique to Yorktown and Air Group 5 
The Air Group 5 decals include the markings for;
  • Fighting 3 (F4F)
  • Scouting 5 (SBD-3)
  • Bombing 5 (SBD-3)
  • Torpedo 5 (TBD-1)
The white decals do not scan very well.
The instructions include a color recommendations for the deck and embarked air group. Not only do these instructions concern decal placement, but also make some good recommendations on painting both the carriers and the aircraft. (The instructions refer to "USN Blue Gray, which is technically known as 'non-specular blue gray')

A great set for your 1/350 Merit Yorktown CV-5- Recommended! 

This is set #350-51 with a MSRP of $15.00 USD.

This is only one of the many decal sheets produced by Starfighter Decals See the whole line on their website. Thanks to Starfighter Decals for this review sample.