Starfighter Decals 1/350
Air Group 8 USS Hornet CV-8
Midway to Santa Cruz

Reviewed by Sean Hert
June 2017
Starfighter Decals has a 1/350 release of a set of markings for the Hornet's Air Group 8 in 1942. This set has 2 decal sheets;
  • Starfighter's standard sheet (350-50-S) of 1942 stars in 60", 54", 45" and 40" diameters. 
  • Sheet 350-10s with markings unique to Hornet and Air Group 8 
The Air Group 8 decals include the markings for;
  • Fighting 8 (F4F-4)
  • Scouting 8 (SBD-3)
  • Bombing 8 (SBD-3)
  • Torpedo 8 
    • TBD-1 Oct-1941 to June 1942
    • TBF-1 Jun to Oct 1942
The white decals do not scan very well.
The instructions include decal placement for aircraft either at the Battle of Midway or Santa Cruz. 

A great set for your 1/350 Trumpeter or Merit Hornet Recommended! 

This is set #350-10s with a MSRP of $15.00 USD.

This is only one of the many decal sheets produced by Starfighter Decals See the whole line on their website. Thanks to Starfighter Decals for this review sample.