Starfighter Decals 1/350
VF-41 Black Aces 1979-80 Decals

Reviewed April 2015
 by Timothy Dike

In 1980 VF-41 flying from the USS Nimitz took part in Operation Eagle Claw. The attempted rescue of US Embassy hostages from Iran. The Black Aces of VF-41 flew F-14's with special marking to distinguish them from Iranian F-14's previously purchased by Iran. For a period of about two weeks during the crisis, red and black stripes were displayed on the starboard wings.
Ten sets of markings are included for all of the Tomcats in the squadron. These include the standard US Navy markings, aircraft numbers, and the Black Aces for the tails. 

These decals are sharply registered and printed by Canuck Decals. They are specifically designed for the Tamiya kit, but can be made to work on the Trumpeter kit as well.

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A single page shows the placement of the decals along with painting info.

These decals are very impressive for 1/350 scale. They rival what you would find in a larger scale. If you want to model the Nimitz during Operation Eagle Claw, this set is exactly what you need. 

This is set Item #350-103S VF-41 1979-80 Operation Eagle Claw for $8.00. You can get them direct from Starfighter Decals. Check the website for more details.