Starfighter Decals
1/350 F-14A/VF-41 "Black Aces" 

Reviewed March 2017
by Martin J Quinn
Starfighter Decals has released a set of decals for F-14A Tomcats of VF-41, the Black Aces, circa 1979-80.   These include markings for Operation Eagle Claw, the abortive 1980 rescue mission of the American hostages in Iran 
There is one small decal sheet in this set, with markings for 10 F-14A Tomcats.     The decals include national markings, aircraft numbers, squadron markings, and special markings for Operation Eagle claw, which were - according to the small instructions - worn for less than two weeks. 
Close ups of some of the decal sheet details.
The instructions are on the back side of the packaging insert, with a brief description of the special markings and a color profile of a sample F-14A, showing decal placement.   Simple, but enough to do the job. 
This is a very nice little set of decals.  The colors all look in register and the decals are nicely printed.   Use caution when cutting decals from the sheet - they are small, even in 1/350.  If you are building a USS Nimitz at the time of the abortive Iranian Hostage Rescue, you'll need this sheet to trick out your Tomcats.   This is Starfighter Decals set 350-103-S, VF-41 Black Aces 1979-80.  It retails for $8.00, and is available from Starfighter Decals.  Thanks to Starfighter Decals for the review sample.   Highly Recommended.