Pitroad 1/700 scale Modern US Navy Decal set
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Pit-road has produced quite a few modern US Navy ship under the Skywave, Waveline, Hi-Mold and of course the Pit-road line. Each one requires it's own decal sheet. What Pit-road has done here is combine these sheets into a massive set that covers most of the modern US Navy kits on the market today.
This set includes one large sheet as shown above with two of the smaller number sheets on the right. The decals are well registered and are each printed on their own separate section so it is not necessary to trim them off the sheet. Ship numbers are provided in the all white and white with black shadow style. They come in 7/16", 3/8", and 5/32" sizes. Ships names are included for a multitude of ships (refer to the list on the back of the instruction sheet below). Helo deck markings, and warning stripes of all styles are provided. There are even Battle Efficiency markings and Campaign ribbons as well as markings for your SH-60.
The instructions consist of a list of ships that numbers are included for and an example of where most of the included decals would be used on a real ship.
This is a versatile set that is a must for the modern US Navy modeler.

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