116th Air Control Wing
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Another in the Pit-Road 1/700 Metal Plane series are these two front-line Bombers. The Tupolev TU-16 was a high speed jet bomber designed as a replacement for the propeller driven Bear bomber. The B-2 is a state of the art stealthy bomber designed to penetrate behind enemy lines without being observed.

Pit-Road metal plane series has pretty popular, and the new B-2 is one of the hottest sellers. I've been waiting for it to come off the backordered list on Hobbylink Japan's website for quite some time. But then I noticed that you can still get a B-2 with a TU-16 in this aircraft set. There are one of each aircraft in the set.

B-2 Stealth Bomber
The kit consists of a large metal casting of the aircraft, with separate landing gear. The detail is pretty good for this scale with only some minor flash on the edges. The one thing missing are the landing gear doors that are pretty noticeable when the bird is on the ground. A decal sheet is included with marking from the Desert Shield aircraft set. The only decals you really need are the low visibility stars and bars so you will have plenty of spares for other projects.

TU-16 Badger Bomber

The aircraft is cast out of white metal with separate tails and landing gear. The detail is quite good and panel lines are quite pronounced. A decal sheet with plenty of Russian red stars will do this bomber and leave you plenty of extras.

The instructions are basic but show everything you need to assemble these aircraft.

Painting instructions are provided but it is all in Japanese. Some simple prototype photo's will help you detail them. To see what else can be done with these aircraft check out the works of John Sears and Chris King


This is item PITSPA-11 currently 1,500 Yen Price or about $13.03 US at today's exchange rate. Note Hobbylinks pages have the current exchange rate for all the major currencies for any item. Check out the entire Pit-Road Metal Plane line on their website with online ordering capability, with real time stock checking and speedy delivery.

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