116th Air Control Wing
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Another in the Pit-Road 1/700 Metal Plane series are these early US Navy Aircraft. The TBD Devastator torpedo bomber and the Brewster Buffalo fighter. Both could be found on prewar and early war carriers, and land bases. They were however badly out-classed and were replaced as newer aircraft became available. Yet if you are interested in the early war or prewar era, these aircraft are a welcome addition.
This kit includes three of each aircraft. All cast metal and with separate landing gear and props. The Devastator even include a torpedo to attach below. The gear and props are not as fine as the Photo etch replacements on the market. But they are still pretty fine for metal castings. Only a light amount of flash will have to be removed to finish this kit.

The aircraft include scribed panel lines for the rudders and flaps. The Devastator has some nice lines on the wings for a corrugated look.

A decal sheet supplies the insignia and other markings to complete the aircraft. Early, mid, and late war marking are included so you should be able to do most any version of the aircraft.

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The instructions are basic but show everything you need to assemble these aircraft. Painting instructions are provided for the prewar paint schemes but it is all in Japanese. But the pictures clearly show the decal placement and as long as you have a color picture to go along with it, the views are adequate.


This is item PITSPA-07 currently 1,500 Yen Price or about $14.54 US at today's exchange rate. A little pricey to load up a whole carrier, but not too bad for a moderate deck load. Check out the entire Pit-Road Metal Plane line on their website with online ordering capability, with real time stock checking and speedy delivery.

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