Skywave / Pitroad

1/700 SAC set 1
Boeing B-52H and Rockwell B-1A
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Most ship modelers are aware of the extensive line of ships and accessories that PitRoad produces in 1/700 scale, but they also have a wide range of aircraft as well. This is their SAC (Strategic Air Command) set with two well known aircraft from the US Air Force, the B-52H and the B-1A. 
There are two identical sprues included with this set as shown on the right. The molding is very good and there is more detail in this set than a lot of sets in the larger sizes. The B-52 comes with weapons loads and wing pylons as well as landing gear. There are four B-1A's allowing you to model the entire fleet. There were only four built, as the program was canceled and resurrected as the B-1B. There are some differences in the two aircraft, but it is possible to modify these A models into B's. You really wont need to do this as Pitroad also makes the B-1B in this scale as well. The B-1A's are molded with wings swept and retracted for high speed flight. Also in this set are several ground vehicles, such as crew vans and weapons loading tractors.

Decals are provided for several different squadrons. The sheet looks pretty good considering the size of the markings.

Instructions are good with one side dedicated to the B-52 and the other for the B-1. There are even details on modifying the B-1 into an ECM version like aircraft number 3 and 4 ended up as.

The back of the box has additional painting instructions on it for several of the aircraft.


Us 1/700 scale models are lucky to have a company like PitRoad that produces just about every accessory you can think of. With a retail of $13.00 this set is a great value for the 1/700 waterline modeler.

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