Skywave / Pit-Road

1/700 MAC set
C-5A Galaxy and F-22
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Most ship modelers are aware of the extensive line of ships and accessories that Pit-Road produces in 1/700 scale, but they also have a wide range of aircraft as well. This is their MAC (Military Airlift Command) set with the US Air Force C-5A Galaxy and a couple of M-1 Abrams and Bradley Fighting Vehicles. As a bonus in this special set there are two metal F-22's.
There are two identical sprues included with this set as shown on the right. They are molded in clear plastic to allow you to mask off the canopy and paint the body. When you are done, you simply remove the canopy mask and you are left with a clear window effect. The aircraft is pretty well detailed for this scale. the tanks have but a few parts but are easily recognizable.

The F-22's are cast with separate tails and landing gear. They are nicely cast without much flash, so little cleanup is needed to finish them.

Decals are provided for several different squadrons. The sheet looks pretty good considering the size of the markings.

The back of the box has the instructions as well as painting info for the C-5A.

A separate sheet has instructions for the F-22.

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1/700 scale models are lucky to have a company like Pit-Road that produces just about every accessory you can think of in this scale. With a retail of $14.99 this set is a great value for the 1/700 waterline modeler who needs some diorama accessories. Thanks to Trident Hobbies for the review sample.