Skywave / Pitroad

1/700 Equipment for WW2 Japanese Ships (IV)
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Skywave weapons sets have been around for a few years. Modelers have been using them for years to upgrade their plastic and resin ships. This set is for WW2 Japanese Navy ships and includes the light to medium weapons and accessories usually found on Destroyers and other small ships. 
There are two identical sprues included with this set. The top and bottom are shown in the scan on the right. The molding is quite good with very little flash. The parts are molded quite thin, and are very close to scale. The instructions are in Japanese so it is difficult to identify all the weapons and fittings used. Please refer to the scanned images to see what is included.

Simple instructions are  included on a separate sheet showing the assembly of the various parts. The back of the box shows some typical locations for these parts on a Japanese Destroyer and a US Navy Cruiser. 

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A nice set that greatly improves on the quality of those early waterline kits. This kit is Code # SWE07 and sells for $14.99 from Trident Hobbies. Check out the full line of Skywave weapons sets on the website.