I-400 Japanese Submarine

Reviewed by Sean Hert
INTRODUCTION has an upgrade deck for the Tamiya 1/350 I-400 submarine. The aircraft-carring I-400 is famous for a number of reasons, but primarily for being the largest non-nuclear submarines ever built.


This set of upgraded deck details is unique when compared to other deck types on the market; instead of a stained wooden veneer, this set is color printed on card stock. The wood grain and planking details are color-printed, and then the parts themselves have been laser-cut from the paper. The printing gives a nice alternating plank color, randomly spaced, which has been done to good effect.

The laser beam used to cut out the parts has a kerf which is surprising wide; this has little affect on the final product. What does have an effect are the intermittant charred marks left on the printed paper from the laser. When working with a more standard wooden veneer deck that has been laser cut, you can normally sand out the char marks; this does not look to be a realistic option with the printed paper.


The instructions are a single page, identifying each part and its placement on the model, including the kit's part number where applicable. While there are some adhensuve recommendations made, it is unclear if these same glues are suitable for this paper deck.


Thanks to for the review sample. It is listed as 1/350 I-400 Submarine Deck for Tamiya with a MSRP of $39.00 US.