Reviewed by Timothy Dike
October 2012
Regia Marina has just released a new set of EH-101 Merlin Helicopter variants to take care of your fleet ASW or Transport duties. 
Cast in resin are 2 each of the AEW and Transport/Utility versions of the Merlin. These are cast with the everything except the rotors and landing gear as one piece. There are small pouring gates on the bottom of the fuselage where they will be easy to hide when removed. The lines appear to match those of the read versions. 
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The photo etch contains two sets of folded and unfolded rotors as well as landing gear. 
The instructions are a single page with line drawings and photos of the real helo's. The placement of the gear is shown in the front elevation view and rotor placement is noted in the photos. These are adequate, but could benefit from some isometric views that clearly show the details.
These four little birds will come in handy for your European Naval Fleet. This is set #AF068 EH 101 helicopter x4 helicopters with a list price of  9,47€ for those in the EU, and 7,50€ (About 9.75 US as of October 2012) for the rest of us. More information can be found on the Regia Marina website.