Pontos Models review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Pontos Model Company of Korea is on a roll lately. They have designed several exciting upgrade sets for many of today's plastic kits. These sets are truly multimedia and address the weaknesses of the kits with virtually everything that is needed to take it to the next level. This one is designed from the Academy 1/350 Warspite kit
This first upgrade is the wooden scribed deck that measures about .01" thick with a self adhesive backing. The deck is laser cut with deck cutouts for the various plastic parts. The planking is scribed into the surface. This deck set has the advantage of being relatively thin and the modeler will not have to worry about cutting the plastic parts off the deck and shimming them up. Resin and photo etch parts enhance the areas such as the anchorways to make sure you have an accurate and three dimensional finished part. 
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There are four brass photo etch frets that feature relief etching. The first fret includes precut railings, doors and hatches, and platforms and the above mentioned anchorway wear plates. The fret is designed by S. H. Parks and you can tell he did his homework and included virtually everything needed to turn this kit into a museum piece. 
This fret includes the starfish platforms, bracing, wood decks for the ships boats, boat cradles, inclined ladders and much more. 
More doors and hatches are featured on this fret as well as the upgrade parts for the pom-pom anti aircraft guns. Cable reels and rigging details are among the other items. 
The remaining fret corrects some fit issues with the previous frets.
This set includes many machined brass gun barrels, davits, and mast parts. Real chain and Fine brass wire is also included. 
The 15" main gun barrels are nicely done and fit perfectly into the supplied resin blast bags. The ends of the big guns are machined to simulate the barrel with the usual plug that is normally installed to protect the gun from the weather. The 6" guns have the ends drilled. 
The pom-pom gun barrels are really nicely done and are incredibly fine. The ends are flared with a hollow appearance. Be careful, these parts are very small and easy to lose. I am amazed that you these parts can be machined to scale as small as they are. If you desire a true to scale looking gun assembly, these are among the very best out there. 
Bases for the 20 mm Oerlikon machine guns are provided to work with the photo etch guns above. 
A length of real chain is included to simulate the anchor chain. This will look great on that new deck.
New parts cast in resin include gun tubs, main gun blast bags and sighting hoods, anchorway base, and searchlights. All are cast very well on and very little flash is present. The gun tubs are in a variety of sizes and have nice thin shields. The blast bags are well done, and the new rangefinder sighting hoods look nice. The searchlights include separate mounting yokes and light assemblies and look very realistic. 
A decal sheet with black and white draft marks in the roman numeral style appropriate for the Royal Navy. 
The instructions are two color sheets and while nicely illustrated using diagrams and real photos of the assembled ship, they are a little lacking for this extensive set. 
The following photos from PONTOS show the finished kit and some subassemblies. The CAD renderings of the pom-poms help illustrate the extremely detailing.

This new set from Pontos, may well be all you ever need to elevate that Academy kit to a show winner status. This set seems to address every weakness of that kit with a superdetailed solution. I am very impressed with the wood, resin, and brass details in this set. 

The retail Price of  $120 USD may seem steep, but when you consider all the details that are included, you will agree this set is a bargain. Check their website for more information or inquire on the forum about the set.

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