Pontos Models review
Reviewed September 2014
by Timothy Dike
Pontos has released an upgrade set for the Gallery Models, Trumpeter and Revell  1/350 USS New York. This "Detail Up" set looks like it includes all the options you will ever need to finish this ship in style. In this set are 4 sheets of photo etch, CNC Machined parts, metal chain, resin parts, and dry transfer decals. 
This brass fret includes relief etched safety netting, mast details, hanger deck walls and fittings and a variety of other details. Platforms, railings and other parts are sized to fit the kit. 
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Railings, ladders, and a multitude of helo rotors are on this fret. Intake grills and RHIB boat details will dramatically improve on the plastic kit parts. 
More railings, grills, and other fine details are included here. The relief etching really enhances the detail on these parts. 
The last fret is stainless steel and includes an aft deck with properly sized aircraft tie-down detailing. The floor inside the helo shelter is included and when butted up to the flight deck forms a nice gutter for the door. 
There are 54 Brass CNC machined parts in this set including new 30 mm Barrels, 35' and 18' whip Antenna, and parts to make up the mast antenna mounts. Blackened metal chain is also included to hang your anchors on.
The resin parts are produced by Veteran Models and include some of the finest resin details available. Included are:
  • Two RIM 116 RAM Launchers 
  • SLQ-32 ECM
  • SRBOC Chaff launchers
The RAM launchers can assemble and posed at any angle just like the real versions. The Chaff launchers have nice hollowed out barrels.
The decals are actually dry transfers and include all the deck markings all finely printed. Draft markings and hull numbers for LPD-17 through 25 are provided.
The instructions are ten pages in full color showing the various stages of assembly. Photos of the real parts should help you figure out how things go together and where they go. 
The following photos from Pontos show the finished kit and some subassemblies showing what your kit can look like.

This new set from Pontos, is a work of art. It is well engineered to give the ultimate in detail. The attention to detail really has to be seen to be appreciated. If your the type that is not content with the out-of-the-box build, then this set will provide hours of modeling enjoyment. 

The photo etch and machined brass parts are expertly designed and the end result is amazing. This is kit #35016F1  1/350 USS San Antonio Class LPD Detail Up Set with a street price of  $89 to 99.00 USD. Check their website for more information or inquire on the forum about the set.

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