Pontos Models 1/350
IJN Musashi Wooden Deck

Reviewed by Sean Hert
July 2012

Pontos Model's wooden upgrade deck for a 1/350 IJN Musashi kit is comprised of two pieces of laser etched wood, a set of hull depth marking decals, and metal anchor chain.

The wood decks are approximately .013" thick, with regular planks laminated across the whole piece, and has been stained with Hinoki tone. There are a total of 6 wooden parts; main deck replacements, as well 4 platforms. These parts, as well as the deck details, are laser-etched/scribed into the surfaces. A light tracing with a hobby knife is all that is necessary to free the parts. The laminated wood has a stiff plastic backing, protecting the glue layer.

A small test section was removed and placed on the underside of the deck. It adhered very well, and laid flat.


There is a set of dry transfer draft markings for the hull. (Normal waterslide decals could warp the wooden decks) There are also hull numbers and a ship's name markings for the stern, as well as frame numbers.

Pontos has also included some fine anchor chain.


The instructions are printed on the back and inside of the packaging insert. They are somewhat lacking in direction and detail. The back panel has some background and descriptions, and the inside fold has a diagram with part numbers and pointers to show parts and markings placement.


Thanks to Pontos Models for the review sample. It is listed as #35002WD1 1/350 IJN Musashi Wooden Deck with a MSRP of $24.95 US.