Reviewed by Timothy Dike
By now you are aware of the new CAD designed weapons and fittings produced by Paper Lab. if not you are missing out. This one represents the standard 26' open top or undecked whaleboat carried on most US Navy ships from the 20's to post world war two. It is perferct for most of your ships from Destroyers to Carriers. The boats come cast in white metal as one piece with nice interior and exterior detailing. You can clearly see the planking and motor cover inside. The boats are cast with rudder and props in place. The props are too small to make out in the photos, but they are there. 
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If you want realistic parts on your 1/700 scale ships, skip the old Skywave weapons sets and go with parts that are true to scale and even more detailed. Paper Lab detail parts are currently available from  4 dealers: Pacific Front Hobbies, Morning Sunshine Models, White Ensign Models and L'Arsenal. Stay tuned for more from Paper Lab, this is but one of many accessories now available with much more planned.

This is set # FT70/011  26' Whaleboat undecked 2 per package and should carry a retail price of around $4.00. More information can be found by clicking their logo below.