Reviewed by Timothy Dike
A new line of accessories for 1/700 scale modelers is now available from Paper Lab. Designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD), these parts existed virtually on computer, fine tuned and refined until being used to create masters for the white metal miniature parts. The result is that the parts are almost perfect copies of the original.
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This set includes four 5" cast metal practice loading machines. They come packaged in a sturdy plastic case with a foam insert to help protect them from damage. Loading machines were used to give the gun crews a chance to drill in an open area where they could be observed and the gun loading and firing process could be simulated realistically without firing live rounds. A typical destroyer had one of these mounted somewhere on the mid to aft superstructure. Some ships had two side by side to simulate twin gun mounts. They were also used on larger ships such as cruisers and battleships. This is an item that is often overlooked on most ship kits in 700 scale. 
This is an item that is long overdue for 700 scale ships. Finally an accurate looking practice loading machine for your ships. These parts are cast in Germany by Neptun, renown for their highly detailed 1/1250 ships. The casting is extremely well done, with hardly a hint of flash and requiring virtually no cleanup before using. If you look closely you can even make out the rivets along the surface! All you need to do for these is drill a small hole to mount it and paint it. There is no need for any additional detailing as it really doesn't get much more detailed than this.

Paper Lab detail parts are currently available from  4 dealers: Pacific Front Hobbies, Morning Sunshine Models, White Ensign Models and L'Arsenal. Stay tuned for more from Paper Lab, this is but one of many accessories now available with much more planned.

This is set #ft70-006  US Single 5" practice loading machine 4  per package and should carry a retail price of around $5.95. More information can be found by clicking their logo below.