Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Darius Lipinski of Paper Lab is at it again. This time it's 1/350 weapons. A new set of 1.1" Chicago Piano's will look real good in place of some of those plastic blobs that come with some of today's kits. These 1.1" guns come 4 to a package and are very detailed. Designed using CAD and Rapid Prototyping technology, they are very accurate. 
The gun mounts are cast in soft metal and have plenty of detail. The mounts are cast as one piece so there is nothing to assemble. The casting is excellent so there is hardly any cleanup to do. These parts even have the gunners seats installed. Their metal construction makes them more durable than resin or plastic parts, so if you have big fingers or five thumbs, these are perfect for you. 
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If you want realistic parts on your 1/350 scale ships, go with parts that are true to scale and more detailed. Paper Lab detail parts are currently available from  4 dealers: Pacific Front Hobbies, Morning Sunshine Models, White Ensign Models and L'Arsenal. Stay tuned for more from Paper Lab, this is but one of many accessories now available with much more planned.

This is set #FT35-018 - US Navy 1.1" Quad Mount - 4 pcs  for  $10.00. That's a nice price for these detailed gun mounts. Especially when you consider that all you need to do is add paint and install.  Highly recommended. You can find out more about Paper-Lab by clicking their logo below.