NNT review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
What do you do with an extra 8" gun turret? Use it for coastal defense. This new kit from NNT represents a German 20.3 cm gun emplacement based on naval turret. 
The kit consists of a plaster bunker base to mount the gun. The base features a domed bunker with sloping terrain. Nothing much to assemble, just some painting to bring out the ground details. 
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The tureen and gun barrels are cast in resin. They are well cast with just a little flash on the base.
The instructions are in German and include some historical information and a prototype photo. 

This is kit #  NNT SP 70005   20,3cm Turret w. Bunker with a retail price of  $19.99 US or 12.80 Euros. Thanks to NNT Modell for the review sample, check their online website for NNT kits and more.

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