Gallery Models 1/350
USMC Aircraft Accessories

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Early in 2010, the 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-1 kit was released, and has now been followed by a 1/350 USS Iwo Jima. Both LHD kits, while including a wide arrange of accessories, do not include enough of an aircraft complement to equip the full embarked air wings of these ships. Now, with the release of these add-on accessory packs, you can fill those flight and hangar decks with aircraft.

This accessory set includes 2 each of the following aircraft:

  1. CH-53E Super Stallion
  2. AV-8B Harrier
  3. MV-22 Osprey
  4. SH-60F Sea Hawk
  5. AH-1W Cobra
  6. CH-46E Sea Knight

The original Wasp kit included SH-60K's; this issue has been somewhat addressed in both the new Iwo Jima kit and with this accessory set with the inclusion of SH-60F "Oceanhawks".

The images and text below are from the 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-1 review, except for the SH-60F.


The aircraft complement on a Wasp class LHD can vary depending on the mission type and challenges expected. The typical mix of includes helicopters and Harrier VTOL ground attack aircraft. Gallery has provided a good start with a variety of aircraft to choose from, except for the missing USMC UH-1N. Many modelers will want to purchase additional aircraft to fully outfit the airwing.

One thing about the included aircraft in the Wasp kit is all the sprues are in clear plastic. I am not sure why manufacturers continue with this practice, as most modellers do not care for the clear styrene; it is more brittle and harder to work with than the normal grey. Even sprues that have absolutely no need to be, like the CH-53E rotor sprue, have been shot with clear. I'd rather see all the aircraft in grey plastic, or a return to the multi-color sprues seen just a few years ago.

MV-22 Osprey

The V-22 Osprey has had a storied birth with many teething problems. Now that the Osprey has entered operational status with many units, the up-tempo activities of the Osprey have shown it to be as versatile as expected. As more units convert to the MV-22 (many are ex- CH-46 units), the much more of the Osprey will be seen around the fleet.

This model of the Osprey is of the normal MV-22 variant. Building the kits will require 2 option decisions; whether to model the wing in a stowed or open position, and if open- whether to position the engine pods in a normal or tilt-lift configuration. The kit includes folded props so the model can be displayed in a compact storage configuration.

CH-53E Super Stallion

The CH-53 is a big airchine, and this model certainly demonstrates that. When built with the fully extended blades, the diameter of the rotor is almost as wide as the flight deck on Wasp- and Wasp was designed to operate up to nine of this birds with rotors turning, at once!

The CH-53 is built from 2 sprues, has an option for either stowed or deployed rotors- it is impressively big either way.

AH-1W "Whiskey" Cobra

The Cobra has the distinction of being the first purpose built gunship helo. Now, 40 years later, they are still in service in a -W or "Whiskey Cobra" configuration, and are soon to be replaced with a four-bladed -Z or "Zulu Cobra".

Wasp includes 2 Cobras, both on the same sprue. The engine and "doghouse" under the rotors look more like the earlier USMC AH-1T Cobra, but in this scale it is hardly noticable.

AV-8B Harrier II

The Harrier "jump jet" is well known around the world. Originally developed in the UK by British Aerospace, the more recent variants in service with the USMC have been developed in the US. The AV-8B provides fast response ground support to the Marines on the ground, when they need it.

Each Harrier is built from a single sprue. The nose has the square bump of the NAVFLIR (Navigation Forward Looking Infrared). The extended tail spine is a bit oversized. The left fuselage half has the main gear molded on; care should be taken not to damage it.

CH-46E Sea Knight

The basic CH-46 design has been around for about 50 years, and this tandem contrarotating rotor medium lift design continues to provide good service to the US Armed Forces. The CH-46E performs many jobs on and around LHD's and the fleet, but it's primary job function is assault support for the USMC.

There are 4 Sea Knights included in this kit, one to each sprue. They have an option for either stowed or extended rotor blades.

SH-60F Seahawk

The SH-60F is the standard US carrier based ASW and SAR helo. While -60's aren't normally deployed aboard LHD's, there are many possible diorama possibilities created by the inclusion of these helos.


A single sheet inside the box includes the assembly instructions, with paint locators and references printed on the back of the box.


Many builders have been waiting to finsh- some even to begin- until they could get more aircaft to place on their LHD's- your wait is over!

Thanks to MRC for the review sample. Gallery Models is a new line exclusively imported into the USA by MRC. This set should be showing up in your local hobby shops soon.