Master Model 1/700
OTO Melara 76mm/62 (3"/62) Barrels

Reviewed October 2016
by Timothy Choi

The OTO Melara 76mm/62 gun is one of the most widely-used and recognizable weapons in late 20th and 21st century maritime forces. Used on everything from fast attack craft and coast guard cutters to guided missile destroyers and aircraft carriers, it would be very difficult to have a modern naval collection without eventually encountering a need for Master's brass 76mm barrels. 
2 barrels come in this set. The complex shape of the barrel is captured, including the mid-barrel "ball". 
It consists of a simple sheet with illustrations. There is no instruction aside from using a 0.3mm drill bit and informing you some of the ships that employ this weapon.
Final Thoughts

A very popular weapon, it's likely the modeler would want multiple packs of this set.

This is set # SM-700-049, which typically retails for well around $8.00 US. Although a bit pricy for only two barrels, it's understandable given the complex shape and time required to make them. Check the list of stores that sell the line on the Master Model website.