Master Model 1/700 Tapered Mast Sets

Reviewed June 2017
by Randall Shoker
Master Model has released two sets of tapered brass ships masts in 1/700 scale as part of their Sea Master Series.
Set 1 consists of 4 60mm long masts.  These are the smaller masts with four different tapers .6mm to .15mm, .8mm to .2mm, 1mm to .25mm and 1.2mm to .3mm Click images
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Set 2 consists of 4 60mm long masts.  These are the larger masts with four different tapers 1.4mm to .4mm, 1.6mm to .5mm, 1.8mm to .6mm and 2mm to .7mm
For reference, in 1/700 scale, 1mm works out to 2.29 feet, and .15 mm comes out to about 4 inches.
Paired with the Model Master brass yard arms set this give the model builder an excellent set of options for replacing weak kit mast, especially those cast in resin. I have used these before and they solder up nicely and provide a strong mast for rigging without sag.

The sets retails for $10.95 each but are available from Freetime Hobbies for $5.95.  Thanks to Model Master for the review samples.   Highly Recommended. Check the list of stores that sell the line on the Master Model website.