Master Model 1/700
British 12"/45 Mk X Barrels

Reviewed September 2016
by Timothy Choi

The Mark X 12"/45 guns armed the first generation of British dreadnoughts, as well as the last pre-dreadnoughts of the Lord Nelson class. These brass barrels feature hollow tips, as well as the barest hint of barrel lining around the rim. It is unclear, however, whether they're meant for use with or without blast bags. 
10 barrels come in this set, meeting the high standards expected from Master's previous products.
It consists of a simple sheet with illustrations. There is no instruction aside from using a 0.5mm drill bit and informing you which historic ships employed this weapon.
Final Thoughts

With Trumpeter's recent release of HMS Dreadnought in various periods, this set is no longer limited for use with Combrig's venerable line of resin kits. It also pairs well with Master's set for Dreadnought's 12-pdr 3"/50 secondaries, SM-700-044.

This is set # SM-700-043, which typically retails for well under $6.00 US.  Check the list of stores that sell the line on the Master Model website.