Master Model 1/700 152mm/56 (6") Model 1936 gun Barrels (12 pcs))

by Sean Hert
September 2012

This was a good single-purpose 6" gun which was used on both the Littorio class of battleships as well as the Garibaldi class of light cruisers. They were mounted in triple turrets on the Littorios, and both triple and twin turrets on the Garibaldis. This gun was designed with a longer barrel to offset the lower muzzle velocity, and thus achived gun with acceptable accuracy.

Master Model has a pack of barrels for your 1/700 Italian 6" gun needs. Cleanly machined from brass, with a bored muzzle and mounting post.


Standard Master Model installation instructions.

These barrels are great addition to the Trumpeter 1/700 Littorios; the secondary barrels included have a overly large and misshapen crown, coupled with an irregular taper.

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-700-027, are priced at $10.95 and are available now.

Modelwarships thanks Master Models for this review sample.