Master Model 1/700 British 15in/42 (38.1cm) Mark I - with blastbags (8 pcs) Barrels

The 15" Mark 1 gun was famous by the end of World War One, and this one gun is almost synonymous with the 20th Century Royal Navy. It continued to perform throughout World War Two admirably. This gun served mainly in twin mountings on many different ships over the course of the 2 World Wars, including;

  • Queen Elizabeth Class (Barham, Malaya, Valiant, Warspite)
  • Revenge Class (Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, Resolution, Ramillies)
  • Courageous and Glorious before conversion
  • Repulse and Renown
  • Hood
  • Vanguard
  • Marshal Soult Class
  • Erebus Class
  • Roberts Class


These barrels are up to Master's usual high standards, and will certainly spruce up many Royal Navy projects.

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-700-14, and should be available now.

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