Master Model 1/700 German 10.5cm (4.1") SKC/33 -Early Type Heavy AA Gun Barrels (16 pcs)

The 10.5cm (4.1") SKC/33 Heavy AA Gun was equipped in twin mounts on most German Kriegsmarine combatants; Bismarck and Scharnhorstclass battleships, Deutschland and Admiral Hipper class heavy cruisers, and would have been on the Seydlitz and Graf Zeppelin aircraft carriers.

Master Model from Poland has released a set of 16 barrels. The barrels come well packaged with card stiffener in the main bag and a page of printed instructions



This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-700-003, are priced at $9.95 and are available now.

Master Products are distributed in the US by Georgetown Hobbies and are also available at the following sponsors.