Master Model 1/400 Bofors 40mm/56 (1.5") Barrels (20pcs)

by Sean Hert
The ubiquitous 40 mm/56 (1.5in) Bofors AA gun was used by almost every major player of WW II. Found in single, twin and quadruple mounts, this gun could be found on the smallest of PT combatants, and the largest of battleships and aircraft carriers.

Master Model from Poland has released a set of turned brass 40mm barrels in 1/400. These barrels are part of a new line of 1/400 barrels Master began in 2010, catering to the 1/400 market. I'm sure the availability of some Polish destroyers in 1/400 helped Master in making this decision!


These amazing little barrels from Master Model #MAS400003 1/400 Bofors 40 mm/56 AA Barrels (20pcs) are available for around $15.95 US.

Modelwarships thanks Master Models for this review sample.