Master Model 1/350 USS New York barrel set

by Timothy Dike
September 2015
Trumpeter recently released their USS New York kit which is not bad.  However like all kits there are few things that need upgrading.  Master Models offers a barrel upgrade set to replace the crude plastic ones.
There are ten 14" 45 cal barrrels provided machined out of aluminum. These are CNC machined with the correct profile, drilled out ends, and mounting pins.  All the modeller has to do is cut off the plastic barrels and drill a 3 mm hole in the end of the plastic base. You can glue them in using Cyanoacrylate adhesives.
For the secondary guns there are six 5in/51, and twelve 3in/50 barrels.  These too are nicely machined.  Even on the smaller barrels the ends are drilled out. 
Standard Master Model installation instructions show the barrels with drilling dimensions..

It's hard not to be impressed by these precision machined parts.  Each part is identical to the other, and when you see the difference compared to the plastic parts you'll be amazed.  If you're building the trumpeter USS New York this is a must have upgrade.

This is set # SM-350-082 USS New York armament after 1942 available now for about $20.00 US.  Check the Master Models web site for list of stores that sell the line.