Master Model 1/350 USN Airborne Torpedoes Mark 13 (22.4") Improved Type

by Sean Hert
October 2013

Not satisfied with the amazing details offered with upgrade barrels and 20mm Oerlikons, Master has again raised the bar with this new details for 1/350 aircraft; Mark 13 torpedoes. This set has 10 turned-brass torpedo bodies, with a small fret of photoetch.

To address some of the issues with the Mark 13 torpedo, the US Navy fitted a noise drag ring (AKA, "pickel barrel") and a tail shroud; the nose ring stablized the torpedo in flight, and the tail shroud to improve underwater performance. Master has machined these Mark 13's with the nose ring in place, and has added an etched tail part to the included photetch.


This small fret of photoetch has pieces for the tail shroud and counter-rotating props. Master has also thrown in a PE torpedo trolley, for all your aircraft carrier needs.


Master's normal folded instructions, illustrating both shroud and propeller folding, as well as trolley assembly. Master has even included a tiny etched cross-piece for the torpedo's nose fuse.

This pack of Mk13 Torpedos from Master Model #SM-350-073, is priced around $12.95 and is available now.

Thanks to Master Model for supplying with this review sample.