Master Model
1/350 German Zerstörer Z-39 1945

by Sean Hert

Master Models' 1/350 Z-39 Armament set consists of 4 different types of brass barrels; there are four of the 15cm/45 main guns. Next, there are two types of 37mm barrels; one for the SKC/30 and one for the M42 mount. These barrels are very different in appearance, but most noticably the M42 barrel has a flared muzzle cone. Finally, there are twelve 20mm/65 barrels, for the famous C38 mount.

15cm/48 SKC/36

37mm/83 SKC/30

37mm/69 M42

20mm/65 C/38
Note that while the 15cm barrels require a .6mm mounting hole, all of the remaining barrels (both 37mm and 20mm) need a .3mm hole.

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-061, is priced at $19.95 or less, and is available now.

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