Master Model 1/350 Z-25 German Destroyer Set (For Trumpeter)

by Sean Hert

Master Models' Z-25 German Destroyer Set (For Trumpeter) Armament set consists of four different calibers of brass barrel; there are four of the 15cm/48 main guns, two for forward twin turret, and one each for the singles aft. Next, there eight 37mm/83 barrels for the twin AA mounts of the older type, and four 37mm/69 of the newer single type. Lastly, there are 18 of the 20mm/65 C38 barrels, used both singly and in quad Flakvierling 35's.

15cm/48 SKC/36

37mm/83 SKC/30

37mm/69 M42

20mm/65 C/38

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-060 is priced at $14.95 and is available now. Thanks to Master Model who provided this review sample.

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