Master Model 1/350 Oerlikon 20mm/70 USN Type Barrel Set (20pcs)

by Sean Hert

The 20mm Oerlikon. Next to the 40mm Bofors, no other single weapon signifies the Allied naval effort in World War 2 more than this 20mm. Virtually every US and Royal Navy ship carried 20mm's, and some carried quite a few. Over 120,000 Oerlikons were made in the United States alone during the course of the war.

Master, never ones to sit idle, has upped the ante with this release of the Oerlikon 20mm. This set of 20 (!) complete gun assemblies is not merely a set of turned brass barrels; this set also includes photoetch details for mount, shield, sight and magazine, as well as a turned brass pedestal. All very impressive.

This set is modeled after the USN Mk 4 single mount; there is no tripod base option, and only a ring sight (no Mk 14) is included.

Some of the pedestals have a small nub of brass left over on the bottom from the machining process, preventing them from sitting flush. They will need a little attention with a sanding stick.


In a first for Master, this set includes photoetch parts to complete the 20mm assembly. There are a number of folds that need to be made to complete the mount. The detail is very nice- as can be expected of Master's products. The tiny bolt head detail on the front of the shield, the ring sight, the trunnion adjustment wheel- even a magazine! The magazine may be a little thin- but it's there.


Master has also created an animated graphic to illustrate the assembly steps, in addition to the paper instructions included in the 20mm Oerlikon set.

Click to see Animation

This pack of Oerlikons from Master Model #SM-350-050, is priced at $31.95 and is available now.

Thanks to Master Model for suppling with this review sample. Master's products are distributed in the US by Georgetown Hobbies and are also available at the following sponsors.