Master Model 1/350 German 20mm/65 C/38 (Late Type) Barrels (20 pcs)

by Sean Hert

This AA machine gun was used on almost every German vessel of World War 2. This later variant, the C/38, is perhaps best known when used in the "Flakvierling" mount, where 4 of these guns were combined into a single mount. It also featured minor improvements in operation and a larger magazine with twice the previous capacity- 40 rounds instead of 20.




Master Models barrels have become the standard to which other barrels are compared, and this set is no different. With all of the recent and forthcoming Kreigsmarine releases in 1/350, no German warship will be truly complete without these barrels.

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-048, are priced at $10.95 and are available now.

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