Master Model 1/350 British 15"/42 (38.1cm) Mark 1 w/o Blastbag (8pcs)

by Sean Hert

No other gun speaks to the Royal Navy's might in the 20th century more than the 15"/42. First introduced on the Queen Elizabeth class battleships in 1913, these guns served on 21 different battleships, battlecruisers, shore emplacemnents and monitors for over 40 years. Not all mounts were new; these guns, having proven their utility time and time again were recovered, recycled and reused numerous times. Over 180 of these guns were made at 6 different foundries. Originally based off the successul 13.5" gun, the 15" underwent many updates in the mount, turret and shell over the course of its life- most notably, an upgrade in elevation during the 1930's, leading to an increase in range. This venerable weapon was last mounted on HMS Vanguard, launched in 1946 after the end of World War 2.

  • Capitol Ships
    • Queen Elizabeth ClassBattleships
    • Revenge, or "R" Class Battleships
    • Glorious/Courageous Large Cruisers
    • Repulse/Renown Battlecruisers
    • Hood Battlecruiser
    • Vanguard Battleship
  • Monitors
    • Marshal Soult Class
    • Erebus Class
    • Roberts Class


This set of 8 machined aluminum barrels are impressive- the barrel sleeve steps at the muzzle are very well done- and these barrels sure to add to your 1/350 Royal Navy subject. This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-037, is priced at $21.95 and is available now.

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