Master Model 1/350 British 4"/45 (10.2cm) QF HA Marks XVI (14 pcs) Barrels

by Sean Hert

The 4"/45 QF Mark XVI was a very common DP gun, seen throughout WWII. This gun appeared on ships of all different shapes and sizes, and was refit to many older ships as well throughout the RN and Allied navies. A well-liked gun, it was nevertheless a weapon not without its shortcomings. It is said this guns were not particularly accurate, nor did they have a long barrel life.


These barrels are up to Master's usual high standards, and will certainly spruce up many 350 Royal Navy projects.

These pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-018, are available via Georgetown Hobbies for $16.95, part #MAS350018.

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