Master Model 1/200 USS Arizona 14in/53 (356mm) Main Gun Barrels (12 pcs)

by Sean Hert

Late in the year 2010, Trumpeter released a 1/200 USS Arizona BB-39. This impressively large kit came with a set of basic machined aluminum barrels for the main 14" rifles, but Master saw these needed improvement; with their usual skill they have released a set of upgrade barrels for your kit!

These barrels have a smooth outer machined surface, a nicely crowned muzzle and the proper liner, A tube and jacket visible- and of course, open muzzles.


These instructions differ slightly from the standard Master ones, in that the modeler must shorten the kit mounting part by 6mm.

Master barrels continue to be a hallmark of accuracy and aesthetics for upgrade turned barrels.

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-200-001, is priced at $21.95 and is available now.

Modelwarships thanks Master Models for this review sample.