Master Model 1/350 Russian/USSR AK-130 130mm/70 (5.1") Gun Barrels

The Russian/Soviet AK-130 twin mount replaced the AK-100 single mount as the standard gun on Soviet ships in the 1980's. The twin mount fired a heavier round, had a high rate of fire, and took up less space than 2 100mm mounts. The twin AK-130 is equipped on the Sovremenny and Slava classes, on all the members of the Kirov class EXCEPT Kirov, and on the single Udaloy II completed, the Admiral Chabanenko.

Master Model from Poland has released a set of 4 machined 130m barrels. The barrels come well packaged with card stiffener in the main bag and a page of printed instructions

Trumpeter Sovremenny

Trumpeter Udaloy II

These brass barrels are a fantastic improvement over the Trumpeter kit barrels, and are highly recommended.

This pack of barrels from Master Model #SM-350-019, are available via Georgetown Hobbies for $13.95, part #MAS350019.

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