Master Model 1/700 5"/51 cal barrels

by Timothy Dike
December 2014
Do you have an Arizona needing some scale size barrels for those 5"/51 cal gun mounts along the side? How about a Florida, New York, New Mexico, Tennessee or Colorado class? This set of 22 CNC Machined brass barrels will really enhance your ship. 
The barrels feature flared and drilled ends with a nice mounting post to locate them. Simply cut off the plastic version you want to replace and drill a 0.3 mm hole in the center of the part and secure with super glue (cyanoacrylate). The improvement over the plastic part is what helps make some kits contest winners. Another plus is the barrels are all the same exact size and will look consistent on your ship.  Click images
to enlarge
The images below are from Master and show one application. These barrels also work for open gun mounts.

It was not only the Battleships that used this gun, you could also find them on the Escort Carriers and CV-1 USS Langley. Some early flush deck destroyers and many other smaller vessels carried the 5"/51. 

The instructions are a single page with the basic info. 
Whether your Accurizing  one of your Pearl Harbor Battlewagons or upgrading your auxiliary fleet, this is a handy set to have. Freetime Hobbies carries these for only $5.95. That works out to be only $0.27 a barrel! Master seems to have just about every gun size covered in all the major scales. Check out their line on their website.