Master Models 
Masts, Yards & Other Turned Parts for the 1/350 Combrig Viribus Unitis 


Reviewed May 2017
by Martin J Quinn
KuK Viribus Unitis was a Tegetthoff-class battleship of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. These four ships were among the first ships to utilize triple gun turrets for their main armament, following the pattern set by the Italian Dante Alighieri, whom the Austrian ships were expected to do battle against. 

The Tegetthoff’s are beautiful ships, and Combrig Models produces a very nice model of Viribus Unitis in 1/350 scale. Like most Combrig kits, you are expected to fabricate your own masts and yard arms from brass rode. While this is entirely possible, the problem with brass rod is you do not get the distinctive taper to the tops of the masts of the ends of the yard.

If you are building a Viribus Unitis, Master Model has come to rescue with a turned brass set full of masts, yards and “other turned parts”, made specifically for your KuK battleship. 

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The set includes 50 turned brass parts, enough to build one Viribus Unitis. The parts are of varying sizes and thickness. They are all very nicely machined. The only “assembly” is the requirement to bend the machined parts for the davits into the proper shape. 
Close ups of some of the fret details.
Instructions are a small piece of paper, approximated 5 ½ by 4 inches, which show the contents of the three bags of parts included in the set, along with “instructions” on how to bend the davits. The instructions tell you to refer to the Combrig instructions for placement of the parts.
These parts are very nice, with tapered ends for added realism. They should help trick out your Viribus Unitis into the jewel of your scale fleet. 

This is Master Models set SM-350-077, SMS Viribus Unitis Set of Masts, Yards and Other Turned Parts (Combrig Kit). The set retails for $20.49 and is available from many of our fine sponsors.  Highly recommended!  Thanks to Master Model for the review sample.