New Decals and Flags
at LoyalHanna Dockyard
A number of new products are now available from Loyalhanna Dockyard. These include new sizes in the BECC line of self adhesive flags. These flags are designed to adhere even in the difficult outdoor enviourment.  Click 
images to
The flags come in over 300 designs and include flags of many nations, as well as several pennant designs. These flags are available in 10 sizes ranging from 1/12 to 1/550. They are available in cloth or self adhesive vinyl. 

The vinyl flags are are printed with a UV stable image and great for outdoor use in "harsh sea" or ponds where other RC ships can be found.

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 The cloth flags are printed on both sides and have a realistic look to them. Though they are advertised as for small scales down to 1/550 I think they are best suited for the larger scales due to their thickness.  The flags tend to lay flat so to simulate the windblown effect, try soaking the flag in water diluted with white glue. You can then fold the flag and let it dry in that position. This image shown actual size, no need to enlarge
The new 20 mm and 25 mm vinyl letters are really nice. The letters are die cut to allow you to peel away the outline or center of the decal. This gives you the option of bold or thin letters or you can get that shadow effect by using a black outline over a white center. click to enlarge
For additional info check with the folks at Loyalhanna Dockyard. I  would recommend that you get one of their catalogs as this is but a small sample of what they carry.

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