New Cyanopoxy glue systme from Cool Chem

at LoyalHanna Dockyard
Loyal Hanna Dockyard carries an extensive line of ship modeling kits and supplies. They now have another product to benefit us modelers. This new glueing system has some real possiblities for anyone who does more than just plastic. The set consists of an Integrator and and activator, similar to the epoxy system. The difference is that this glue is CA based and it eliminates the fuss of having to mix two parts of glue often times wasting what you don't use. With this system you apply the "integrator", position the part, and "kick it" with the "activator" setting it in place.
The set comes with an instruction sheet and even some rubber and metal parts to practice on. Give it a try and when you are ready try it on your kit parts. The integrator comes in a typical glue bottle, and the Activator comes in a 2 oz aresol can with a thin tip extension to get into those tight spaces. The strong point of this set is that it really works well with disimilar materials. I tried it out on some resin superstructure parts and it seems to hold very well. The activator penetrates far enough under the part to set it firmly. If you have ever superglued two parts together only to have them set up before you were ready, you will really appreciate this product.
Today's kits come in a variety of materials from plastic and resin, to wood and metal. This is a nice convient set to have handy for all kinds of materials.

For additional info check with the folks at Loyalhanna Dockyard. I  would recommend that you get one of their catalogs as this is but a small sample of what they carry. You can also find out more about this product by checking their website at if you chose to order direct them make sure you mention code # 1440001 to get a 23 % discount.