1/350 Lion Roar HMS Hood
Turret upgrade set w/brass barrels
Here's a nice upgrade for those plain looking turrets on your Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood. The set included four turrets and sighting hoods and eight CNC machined gun barrels for them.  Click to enlarge
New resin turrets are provided to replace the incorrectly shaped ones in the kit. These have cast on blast bags and separate sighting hoods. The casting is good quality and the only cleanup needed on my sample was to remove the gates place at the bottom rear of the turret body.  Click to enlarge
The upgrade doesn't stop there. Brass CNC machined gun barrels are provided to give the turrets that ultimate look. There just isn't any thing that looks better than turned metal barrels. These are nice with center drilled ends and locator pins on the opposite ends.  Click to enlarge
The instructions are pretty straightforward. They show the basic assembly with the sighting hood location. Click to enlarge
Click to enlargeThis set is a nice little detail addition for your HMS Hood. I like that it is available as a separate set, so you can mix and match your favorite aftermarket parts and wont be stuck with parts you don't want. Check out this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #350007 with a retail price around $38.00.

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